• Mrs. Louise Cormier, gemmologist and certified jeweller, has 40 years of experience at Richer & Snow.
  • We work with an experimented watchmaker, but our team still has the ability to respond to basic request (change batteries, adjust bracelets, etc.). 
  • Richer & Snow’s team has eight employees who, altogether, have more than 60 years experience.
  • For repairs and conception of jewellery, our store works alongside certified and recognized professionals.


Public Speaking for groups

Louise Cormier offers her expertise as a public speaker to businessmen and businesswomen, social and professional groups. A variety of themes can be addressed; here are some of the most popular:

  • Diamond and pearl maintenance
  • How to buy a diamond? The Four Cs
  • Precious and organic gems
  • The advantages of the Canadian diamond
  • Etc...