Our Story

In addition to his existing Dalhousie street jewellery store in Ottawa, J. Emile Lauzon built the Lauzon building (1948), where the old Central Hotel used to be located at the corner of Principal and Laval.

In 1950, Jack Snow, owner of several jewellery stores in Ontario, bought the business and renamed it "Jack Snow Jewellers ".

In 1955, Mr. Snow hired a local sports personality, Edouard "Pit" Richer, to manage his jewellery store. Shortly after, the name was changed and remains to this day "Bijouterie Richer & Snow Jewellers ".

In 1973, Ms. Louise Cormier begins her career at the jewellery store.

In 1985, with the help of her sister Claudette, Ms. Cormier decides to buy the business and take on the role of president.

As the years went by, Richer & Snow added original gift ideas to its inventory, such as the Natchmann and Spiegelau glassware, Trudeau Canada and many more. Richer & Snow also feels the need to encourage Québec’s amazing artists such as Anne-Marie Chagnon, Filippe Filipozzi, etc.

1985 sounded the arrival of prestigious name brands like Columbia, Bulova and Dupont, and many others to the delight of Richer & Snow customers.

Attention to outsourcing excellent giftware and jewellery continues today. Everything you need to spoil your family and friends can be found at Richer & Snow Jewellers.

Our Philosophy

At Richer & Snow, our philosophy is quite simple: people are important. Our business as a whole is focused on delivering respect and courtesy to our customers, employees and suppliers.

Our primary goal is to extend the greatest possible value to our clientele. We are able to accomplish this by providing quality merchandise, expert service and a friendly atmosphere.

Your experience as a Richer & Snow customer doesn’t simply end at a courteous service. We boast a highly experienced and knowledgeable staff of professionals, all capable of giving you expert advice and direction with your purchase, repair or specific design.

The Richer & Snow team makes a visit to our store well worth your while by providing you with a wide-ranging selection of quality products. Our keen eye for excellence ensures that our inventory include offerings from trusted manufacturers like Dupont, Columbia, RMR and many more.

Respect, dedication, a healthy work environment and delivering quality products all represent the foundation of the Richer & Snow corporate culture.